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Stand Alone and Jetted Tubs

The peaceful and luxury of a Bath Masters bathroom is best with a stand alone tub. Our design team are specialists at installing and designing space for a place to get away from the worries of the world in your own relaxing tub.

Custom Bathroom Design

Hiring a contractor with a design standard is a head start on any project. Bath Masters are recognized across East Tennessee for hundreds of bathroom projects, and we're always interested in how we might help you improve your space.

Custom, Tiled and Curbless Showers

Technology has made a big difference in the bathroom. From LED lighting to multiple unique water features that can provide an incredible experience each and every day.

Bath Masters can provide you with a fully immersive, spa-like experience in your home.

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We proudly recommend Alcove Tubs, Soaker Tubs, and Jacuzzi Tubs.

Stand Alone and Jetted Tub Options

Imagine sinking into a warm bath to a sloped back rest with a pillow and arm rests, then turning on expertly placed jets and melting away all the stress of your day that's both relaxing and therapeutic.

Modern tubs like this are both reliable and affordable. Let Bath Masters help design your experience.

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Your home value continues to rise and even small improvements to your bathroom can greatly increase not only the value, but the joy you get from your home.
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