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Bathroom Projects - Kingsport Small Bathroom Project - 2019
Luxurious Bathroom Remodel in Rogersville, TN

We're excited to share our latest project transformation in Rogersville, Tennessee! A dated bathroom has been given a glamorous upgrade, while retaining its functional brilliance.

Gone is the old drop-in tub, replaced by a sophisticated alcove Kohler tub with a beautiful finished front skirt. Luxury is redefined with an integrated jacuzzi, fitted with 8 jets and a heater for a constant temperature - an at-home spa experience!

The shower has been extended from a modest 44" x 30" to a roomier 44" x 67", offering ample space for a refreshing soak. This new shower is adorned with custom tiling, perfectly matching the walls and bathroom floor, creating a unified and harmonious design.

Crown moulding has been installed all around, adding an extra touch of elegance. Furthermore, we've installed all-new Delta water fixtures in an exquisite Oil Rubbed Bronze, adding a distinctive style that effortlessly blends with the room's aesthetic.

Check out these recent photos for the transformation. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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