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Bathroom Projects - Kingsport Small Bathroom Project - 2019
Cooks Valley - A 70s Makeover

BathMasters is transforming old interiors all over the Tri-Cities.

This recent bathroom remodel looked like a lot of homes in the area – now it’s simply amazing! Stuck in the 70s, this project was a complete renovation of this Kingsport home.

Most of the drywall and flooring was deteriorating. We pulled up the floors, replaced the drywall and complimented this hallway master bath with new porcelain tile with a brick pattern and a Sterling Koehler four-piece shower. A shaker style vanity cabinet accents the flooring with a granite counter top with brushed nickel Delta faucets.

No matter the size, no matter the condition, BathMasters is here to help you and your family remodel your bathroom or kitchen.

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