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Colonial Heights Bathroom Transformation

Experience the Ultimate Bathroom Transformation in Colonial Heights!

Bath Masters has done it again, bringing a touch of luxury and modernity to this spacious bathroom in Colonial Heights.

Say goodbye to the outdated jacuzzi tub and hello to a new era of comfort and style that will last for years to come. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible improvements that are sure to bring happiness every day.

Here are some of the stunning upgrades that have turned this bathroom into a true oasis:

Mosaic Tile on the Shower Floor: The shower now boasts a mesmerizing mosaic tile floor, adding a touch of artistry to your daily routine.

Medium Gray 12x24 Wall Tile in the Shower: The elegant gray wall tiles in the shower create a soothing ambiance while ensuring durability that will stand the test of time.

Custom Recess: A custom recess has been artfully integrated into the shower design, providing both functionality and a touch of sophistication.

Quartz Stone Seat: The bathroom seat is capped with luxurious quartz stone, perfectly matching the vanity countertops for a seamless and cohesive look.

Delta Plumbing and Faucets: For top-notch quality and reliability, all plumbing and faucets are from Delta, ensuring your bathroom will serve you flawlessly.

Black Pull Handles: The fixtures are adorned with sleek black pull handles, adding a modern and stylish contrast to the design.

48" Hinged Door: The spacious shower features a 48" hinged door, making entry and exit a breeze while enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Are you ready to transform your own bathroom into a space of beauty and functionality? Look no further than Mr. Fix It Home Improvements!

With their expertise and dedication to excellence, your dream bathroom is just a call away.

Don't wait! Contact Bath Masters today for a FREE estimate and start your journey towards a bathroom makeover that will elevate your home and your daily life.

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